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Highlander Cats
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We Are A 
Foundation Cattery
Our Highlander's  Are
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Our Highlander's 
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Our Cattery

1. We are Hobby Breeders.
and comply with the USDA 
animal welfare act regulations
and only have4 breeding females. 

2. Our 4 breeding Queens have 
one or two litters a year. 
We feel it's better for our girls.

3. We breed for the quality of the kitten.

4. We do Not sale pets We sale 
Companions only.

5. Our cat's are part of our family. 
Thy are 
our Four Legged Furry Companion's.

6. We Are Currently  Showing 
Our Award Wining Cats 
At The International Cat Association 
Cat Shows.
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The Home of the Highlander

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We Have Sister Catteries 
USA . Canada. Serbia . 
China . UK .

Let Us Help You Find The Right Kitten For You...
Ask Us  How 
You Can Be 
The First Highlander Cattery in Your Country. 
Welcome to 
Exotic Sweet Spots

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Beijing China 

Sheetah Wood
May 2011
United Kingdom 

We Are Located  In 
The Ouachita National Forest

Arkansas USA

May 2016
Born Oct 28 2010

From Our Home to Yours 
Woody Mac & Silver Sage Suzy
Smoke in the Water
May 2015
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