Not all the Cats up for Adoption on this page, 
may come from our Home. Some may come from other homes. 
But they are from our cattery/bloodlines 

®The Home of the Highlander and TICA are not Responsible 
for the health of the Cat. All cats will have been vet checked, shots up to date,
 neutered or spayed before leaving for new home. 
We are only helping with the placement of these cats. ​

The Contract of The Home of The Highlander
____ 10. If at any time purchaser is unable to keep cat/kitten it is requested they 
  contact the Seller. Seller will then aid purchaser in placing cat/kitten into
  another suitable home as pet only, or may elect to take kitten back.
 Available Cats

®The Home of 
The Highlander
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Rehoming Your Family Pet
Can be Heartbreaking. 

After All
 When you decided that a Highlander was what you 
needed in your heart and home, you made a promise to your kitty.
But sometimes things just don't work out?
Rehoming a family member can be difficult for both you and your Highlander. 
First finding a new home and then your Cat must readjust to the new family too.
This is why we want to help.
There can be many good reasons for rehoming a cat.
Allergies, moving into accommodations with a 'no pets' rule 
or is a Retired Highlander. ​

All Highlanders on this Page.

Have NEVER been outside cats.
They have been spayed or neutered. 
You will get papers showing the cat is up to date on 
shots and in good health with a veterinary health certificate. 
Proof your new Highlander is in good health
Some have been given flea medicine as needed.   
Most have been DNA Tested By Wisdom Health

Because the Highlander is a Pedigree cat.
They come with TICA Papers to transfer into your name.
and a contract from the Home of the Highlander.
 a new pet carrier if they need to be shipped.
All included in the price of Cat 

You pay for all shipping. 

Why Look for a 
Older cat? ​ 

You have no time for training a 
new kitten.  Or you don't do babies
 Want the Spaying or neutering to be done. 
It's one less hurdle that you will 
not have to jump over
The Highlander may be the right 
choice for you.  

Home of the Highlander
A Retired Queen
She has  a great personality. 
She's very sweet, though she may take a bit to warm up to you. 
She's 10 pounds, spayed, up to date on her shots, and in good health. 
Good with kids and dogs.

Chocolate Mink  Classic Tabby
Born: Sept 21, 2017
The Daughter of King Maximus and Queen Khalees
status code: Stud Book
DNA Tested By Wisdom Health

Cats can be 
Picked up or Shipped

Home of the Highlander
Silvertine Beorn
A Retired king 
Beorn is a very sweet and loving teddy bear. 
Who wants to be a lap kitty
"Be it a big teddy bear kitty."
He has won ribbons in shows and is a standard Highlander.

 Born Feb 15 2017 
Blue and Silver Broken Mackerel 
Spotted Tabby Highlander
Born: Feb 15, 2017
The Son of King BB King and Queen Bonnie Joy
status code StudBook
DNA Tested By Wisdom Health

Home of The Highlander 
Whitney Song
A Retired Queen
Whitney is avery sweet girl too, 
 She may take a bit to warm up to you.
But she is only a year old. Unfortunately, she did not 
make a good mommy. She Just want to be the baby. 
She is good with kids and dogs.

Brown and Black Spotted Tabby
CE,SH,NST  with Polly Feet
Born: June, 2018
The Daughter of King Floki and Queen Khaleesi
status code StudBook
DNA Tested By Wisdom Health

Beorn is ready to go.
And is Currently in 
New York 
Asking price is 
$ 300.00 + Shipping 

is ready to go.
She is Currently in 
Asking price is 
$ 300.00 + Shipping 

will be ready to go
after the 
15th of Nov.
She is Currently in 
Asking price is 
$ 300.00 + Shipping 

No Genetic Health Risks Detected 
All Clear
No Genetic Health Risks Detected 
All Clear
No Genetic Health Risks Detected 
All Clear
1/2  YEARs OLD 
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Beorn has 
A New