Just for Fun
Kittens of the Past
Are we there 
I told you to stay dead
On my way to my new home
Someone say food ?
SSorpresa para Galo y Vigo. No sabian a quien ibamos a buscar.orpresa para Galo y Vigo. No sabian a quien ibamos a buscar.

 ( Surprise for Gallus and Vigo. Do not know who we were going to find.)

We are looking for our new Kitty

It Made me cry too! 
I have spots
Say cheese
I said 
I had it !
No not that one
This is fun
What's it for?
When the cats away
Just saving your seat for you!
father to Woody 
I got it!
 right down
Cool Video
Did Mum say she was getting a new mouse 
in the mail ?
This hot spot 
is mine
Home Home but the Storys
not over yet! 
Setting up for the cat show OKC 
Ima Peanut
in my Coffee Cup 
Ima Peanut
May 2012
May 2012

Colt Son of Clyde @ 12 weeks
May 2012
Sierra and her Whoolley Mac
The Girls March 3, 2010
Sorpresa for Gallen and Vigo
Just getting to know you !
But you said I could have a new toy
Woody Mac
Thor & Shenaen el nuevo hogar en Brasil

Thor & Shena 
in new home in Brazil
The many Faces of Joy and Happiness  when thy See and Play with a new Highlander Kitten.
On This page
We will show you ! 
As our Kittens grow into a 
Highlander Cat 
We get to see the fun and zany photos
We like the water. 
But she said nothing about Shampoo  
Hello Sammy, I'm Bella Are you my new friend? 
May 2005
Sheetah Loves to do a little window shopping  

We only ship 
our kittens with Delta
My Name 
Is Peeta
My Name 
Is Bella
My Name 
Is Thor
My Name 
Is Neena
My Name 
Is Kimba
My Name 
Is Bonnie
My Name 
Ino Marie
My name is 
Woody  Mac
Thunder Katz Show 2012
Home of the Highlander's 
Ima Peanut
Not Our Cattery 
April  2011

Old Friends 
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