Exotic SweetSpots

Your Kitten should arrive healthy. 
Due to the some stress of shipping , 
changing environments, 
Your new cub might get  a runny nose 
or runny eyes 
and lose stooles for a few days after arrival. 
But this should generally
 clearup on its own. 
Contact us


Kittens from $900.00 - $1.000.00  for a Companion.
$200 non-refundable deposit in USA     $500.00 non-refundable for out of the country  

Payment plans available when buying a new born but kittens must be Paid for and 
the Contract Must Be returned Three weeks before kitten is shipped to new home.
We need to have the contact back for the health certificate and transportation 
Must have a physical address.

Contract is at bottom of page.

Temperature must be between 32° and 85° Fahrenheit in Little Rock Arkansas and the 
destination city or the cities where the plane lands.  
Buyer must provide the name of the 
nearest airport that accepts the delivery of animals. 
We ship our Kittens Around the World and within the United States. 
The fee for shipping in the US is approximately $250-$300 depending on weight of carrier. 
Buyer assumes all shipping costs for Kitten.
We Only ship with Delta.
All shots will be given as necessary if age permits. 
Your Kittens come in a airline approved kennel and Veterinary certificates. 
Other arrangements can be made for pick up.
All kittens must be 12weeks old before leaving our Catteries.     
Sue & Jim 

If for some unforeseen reason your 
kitten should have a serious health issue,
Sweetspots will gladly replace your kitten.
But we will not be responsible 
for excessive veterinary expenses 
incurred once you get the kitten unless there has been 
consultation with us in advance.

Will they need 
any shots ? 

We give the first shots and 
worming at 9 weeks 
and 11 weeks.

You will get a Health Record on this. 

What can I do to sanitize my 
home to prevent harm 
to the kitten
(i.e. cables, wires, trash)? 

To sanitize we use Chlorhexdine Solution 
you can get this from your 
Vet or Farm Store 
You can use bleach but you can't 
use it on your carpets or furniture. 
Never use Lysol.  
If it turns your water white like milk 
It can make a cat 
sick and can kill a kitten... 
As for cables and trash,
We find a squirt bottle of water 
works for us.

Will they be litter box trainable? 

By the time you get your kitten, 
they will be litter box trained. 
Some will need a little more work ;) 
By this I mean putting the 
kitten in a Sm room with 
water, food and the litter box, 
After two or three days
He or She will get the Idea.
You can move the water 
and the food out
I would leave the Litter box 
where it's at.
Less confusion. 

Do you provide papers 
of breed authenticity? 

We do have papers on all our cats
All kitttens come with papers 
(aka) A birth certificate :) 
from TICA

We Have the pedigree's for all of our cat's.
Please go to our 
Cat Family Tree page 
To See Our Pedigree's

Please remember
This is just Our opinion.
Not all breeders are the same.

email me

Photos and information are posted on Kittens page. 
$200.00 non-refundable deposit is required to hold a kitten. 
We make no claims as to the size of kittens when they mature . 
too many variables, diet, worming, etc.
Some have reached 20 + pounds but as I said I can not make any guarantee 
to how much they will weigh when they are grown. 
Proper care and feeding play a major role in their growing, along with genetics.
Kitten / cat purchase contract.

You can contact us for a copy of contract, 
we will be happy to mail one to you or 
you can copy an print this one. 
Thank You
Exotic SweetSpots Cat/Kitten Purchase Contract
The intent of this contract is to protect both the buyer and the seller. 

This contract is legal and binding between both 
Exotic SweetSpots Catteries and the buyer listed below. 

Exotic SweetSpots Cat/Kitten Purchase Contract
  (479) 243-0221  
The intent of this contract is to protect both the buyer and the seller. 
This contract is legal and binding between both Exotic SweetSpots Catteries 
and the buyer listed below. 

Buyer Info: 
Address: ______________________________City: _____________________
State: ____________________Zip: ___________
Phone:_________________________  Email:________________________ 

Purchase Information:
Breed: Highlander Color:___________________ Sex: ____ B Date: ____________
Cattery Name _________ XOTICSWEETSPOTS____________________________  
Sire:  ___________________   Registration Code # _______
Dam:  ___________________   Registration Code # _______

All money is due before delivery , The total price for shipping charges 
and all other shipping related cost will be 
the responsibility of the buyer. 
The buyer agrees to make a $200.00 non-refundable deposit.
 The balance must be paid 14 days before kitten Leaves Cattery.  
Monies may be paid in Check, Money Order... No Pay Pal. 
Total cost for kitten $ 1050.00 This does include the new pet carrier $50.00, 
We Pay for the heath certificate vet exam.  You pay for shipping.


____ 1. Under no circumstances will this cat or kitten be given to a pet shop,  
                pound,research laboratory or similar facility.

____ 2. This cat or kitten will be kept indoors and not be allowed to run free 
                except on a leash or in an enclosed area.

____ 3. Purchaser will provide prompt veterinary care in the event the cat/kitten 
                 becomes ill or is injured at any time in it’s lifetime and will, under their 
                veterinarians advice, provide for check-ups and vaccinations. 
                Breeder not responsible for any vet charges incurred once kitten leaves 
                breeders possession.

____ 4. This Kitten was purchased for companion purpose Only. Purchaser agrees to  
                 neuter or spay this Kitten by the aged of 5 to 6 months, and agrees and 
                 guarantees that this kitten Will Not Be used for Breeding.

____ 5. If buyer does not alter cat/kitten by 6 months there will be a fee of $1000 
                 plus attorney and court costs in Polk County Arkansas.

____ 6.  If this cat or kitten is found to be neglected or mistreated. 
                Purchaser will surrender said cat or kitten to Seller, Unconditionally.

____ 7.  Date Vaccinated:____________ Follow up shots: _____________________
                                                    Vaccine we Use is Eclipse 3 way

____ 8.  Seller guarantees this cat/kitten against FeLV and FIV for 30 days from the date 
                 of transfer. If found to have FeLV or FIV w/in the guarantee period, said cat/kitten
                  will be replaced after seller receives written statement from licensed veterinarian,
                 and only if the cat/kitten was quarantined from any other cat/s 
                 during the 30 full days.

____ 9. Seller guarantees this cat/kitten against life-threatening congenital defects 
                   for the first year of life. If kitten dies of a non-treatable congenital defect within
                  one year, kitten will be replaced (when another appropriate kitten becomes  
                 available) upon receipt of veterinarian statement and necropsy outlining 
                  the defect.

____ 10. If at any time purchaser is unable to keep cat/kitten it is requested they contact  
                   the Seller. Seller will then aid purchaser in placing cat/kitten into another  
                   suitable home as pet only, or may elect to take kitten back.

____11. Under NO circumstances shall this kitten/ cat have it's claws removed...
                                                Declawing a cat is cruel... 

____ 12. Purchaser agrees to send in blue/white kitten slip ( REGISTRATION) to TICA 
                   To have your new Cat/ Kitten Registered. 
                         The Highlander is a new breed and we need the Numbers to Advance.

Purchasers signature and Initials indicates full agreement of all above conditions:
  Failure to meet the agreed upon terms of this contract. 
  Will result in a fee of $2.000.00 plus attorney and court costs 
In Polk County Arkansas.

FYI: We give the purchase contract to the attorneys office as they keep all fees 
It's not about the money for us, 
It's your about your word...

  Signature of Purchaser: ____________________ Date: ____________

          Signature of Seller:  _Sue Sweetman                        Date:____________

The Home Of The Highlander Exotic SweetSpots Catteries 
Let Us Help You Find The Right Kitten For You And Your Family.  
Our Catteries Are Registered with: The International Cat Association  

  Sue Sweetman
  649 Polk Rd 63
  Mena, Ar 71953
  E-mail www. frigga83@yahoo.com
The Home of the Highlander
The Ouachita Forest
Arkansas USA

This Contract is for Companion Only.
The Home of the Highlander's Homemade 
Chicken Cat and Kitten Food
      This will make 40 pounds of Cat Food

20 pounds of chicken thighs and legs boil until the meat is falling off the bone.
Take the chicken out of the pot and let cool. While your chicken is cooling.
Add 10 pounds of beef liver to the broth this will only take a few minutes to cook then 
take it out of the pot and set aside to cool.
Add Large bags of frozen vegetables to the broth. Carrots, Spinach, Squash and Green Beans and Peas 
when cooked take the vegetables out of the pot.
Let the broth cool it will separate once is cool enough all the fat come to the top you want to keep all the fat, 
so carefully strain the fat from the top and set it aside. Pour out the rest of the broth. 
Put the fatty broth back in the pan, Debone your chicken smashed up your liver and 
add your cooked vegetables and add 2 large can of Pumpkin and a half a cup of powdered Vitamins, 
 Mix thoroughly. 
Now you can choose to smash this up but if you choose to smashed up its best to cut your chicken up 
into little bitty pieces your liver will fall apart.
I put mine through a meat grinder and make it into a pate consistency
  Put in tubs and freeze them until ready to use.
  Must Keep Cat Food Refrigerated
If you want to substitute some of the vegetables please be careful some vegetables can be dangerous to your cats.
Make sure your can of Pumpkin is 100% Pumpkin and NOT Pumpkin Pie mix.
  Pumpkin pie mix has Cinnamon and Nutmeg in it...

To make a smaller amount
This will make 20 pounds of Cat Food
Use 10 pounds of chicken 5 pounds of beef liver and small bags of frozen vegetables 
and one can of pumpkin reduce your vitamins to half.
Link for Vitamins 
Wild Trax Supply
5 lb  pouch, Wild Trax Feline Supplement 
 for $29.99  

You Can Copy and Past Cat Food Recipe 
Home of the Highlander
Arkansas USA
Ask for the
Physical Address
The Home of the Highlander
The Ouachita Forest
Arkansas USA

The Home of the Highlander /
Exotic Sweet Spots Cattery

We also have many friends that are 
Highlander Breeders 
 registered with TICA 
that we can recommend and trust. 
in the  US States and out... 

If we don't have what you are looking for ?
Maybe one of our friends do...   

Please Note:  we would not send you to another 
cattery unless we would get a kitten from them as well...